Tips for Regular Roof Maintenance That Can Save You Money

The roof on your home is designed to last for decades. Through the frigid cold winters that we have here in Ann Arbor Michigan to the sizzling summer heat of summer. It seems like your home’s roof is always under attack from the weather and making sure it’s performing as it should means you’ll need to regularly perform roof maintenance on your roof. Having a roofer in Ann Arbor give your home’s roof an inspection is a good start but there are a few other things you’ll want to do for your home’s roof which I’ll cover in this article. 

Tips for Regular Roof Maintenance That Can Save You Money

Most roofing installations can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand so taking care of your home’s roof can really save you money when compared to a new roof installation in Ann Arbor Michigan. The following roof maintenance tips can help your roof to last longer and perform better. Some of the following tips will require the help of a contractor in your area. It is not advised for you to go onto your home’s roof as you can be seriously injured or even killed from a fall.


Is Debris Collecting on your Roof?

On many homes there are trees around that can cause all sorts of problems. As leaves fall onto the roof they can collect in valleys on the roof. While rain will sometimes rinse the leaves away sometimes it can get collected with other debris and bond to the roof. When leaves and other debris such as this collects on the roof they are usually full of moisture and it holds moisture against the roof. Allowing this to continue can break down the shingles and discolor them which can cause a leak. If you notice debris collecting on your roof it will need to be removed.

Keep Trees Off the Roof

Many times there are trees that are close to the roofing surface that causes this debris to build up. IF a tree limb is actually touching the roof however it can lead to other problems. As wind blows the tree limb it will likely scratch the surface of the roofing causing it to lose granules from the shingles and could puncture them and cause a leak. Have trees around your home trimmed to remove this threat.

Make a Visual Check After Storms

Storms with high winds are some of the worst for shingle roofing. The wind can break the shingles and cause leaks. After a storm be sure to visually check the roof from the ground looking for broken shingles on the roof. You can use binoculars to get a closer look if needed. If there are broken shingles getting them fixed before the next rain could prevent a lot of damage to the interior of your home.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

Keeping the gutters clear on your home can help the water to get away from the roof. This is especially important in winter here in Ann Arbor Michigan. Ice can start building up in the gutters and cause a roof ice dam on your home which can damage the roofing.

Don’t Power Wash Your Roof

There are some articles online that promotes pressure washing your roof but you should not do this. Power washing your roof blasts away granules on the shingles which helps to protect the shingles. Removing debris from the roof is advised but not with a pressure washer.

Get a Roofing Inspection Annually

In order to really know what shape your home’s roof is in and if there are any problems you’ll need to get it inspected by a qualified roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan. It is advised that you get a full roof inspection at least annually and if you suspect any problems on your home’s roof it’s important to get it inspected. With an annual roof inspection on your home you can avoid many problems and stop any potential problems before they become a roof leak. One of the best roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan that we recommend is A2Roofing. Give them a call today to learn more about their roof inspection services at 734-548-9915