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Roof Inspections in Ypsilanti Michigan and Why Every Homeowner Needs One

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner or looking to a purchase your first home, a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan is crucial because It determines the lifespan of the roof and brings to light any underlying problems. No one wants to learn about a hole in their roof during a torrential downpour or a blizzard in the middle of winter. Scheduling a roof inspection now will save you a lot of money versus neglecting your roof and then fixing it the moment you run into a problem. Remember, be a proactive homeowner and not a reactive one.

Roof Inspections in Ypsilanti Michigan and Why Every Homeowner Needs One

A large number of homeowners in Ypsilanti Michigan don’t schedule roof inspections until they notice damage on the roof or in the home when in reality, they should be routinely scheduling roof inspections on their homes. The best time of the year to schedule an inspection is in the fall, right before the cold weather kicks in. There’s a risk that new roof shingles won’t stick down if the weather is too cold. Attempting to repair or inspect a roof during the winter is risky and just plain dangerous. Getting a roof inspection on your home annually can help to locate problems and potential problems and keep your home’s roof in great shape.

Roof Inspections in Ypsilanti Michigan and Why Every Homeowner Needs One

Trust Your Roofing Inspections to Qualified Roofing Experts

Although a lot of homeowners can spot obvious issues such as loose shingles or cracks, other types of damage won’t be noticed unless you have a professional roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan done. If your roof is within five years old and doesn’t show any visible signs of damage, a full-on inspection is not necessary. A quick spot check from the ground and attic is sufficient for newer roofs. For roofs older than ten years, it’s very important that you call a professional inspector in Ypsilanti Michigan to come and look at it. Most inspectors often double as repairmen, so if you do need work done on your roof, you can usually deduct the cost of the inspection from the final price.

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Overview of Professional Inspections

Experienced roof inspectors in Ypsilanti Michigan look at four parts of the roof: the structure, material, interior, and workmanship. When an inspector looks at the structure, they examine the soffit, fascia, and the gutter system. This part of the roof inspection helps you make sure there’s no water build up. The inspector will also look at the chimney for cracks, roof and soffit vents to makes sure they’re not plugged, and the roof’s surface to check for any sagging.

Inspectors will evaluate the quality of the roof’s material and check for any missing or loose roof shingles. They’ll also look for moss or other fungi build up on the roof’s shingles. Although lots of the material defects can be seen by homeowners, inspectors will often find less obvious problems such as gaps and wear around vent pipes.

Not only do inspectors look at the exterior of the roof, they also look at what’s happening on the inside. Since the roof is essentially a shell the protects the inside of the home, any damage done as a result of defective roofing will be seen in the attic or interior walls. Types of damage that they might find include mold, stains, and even insect infestation.

The last thing a professional inspector observes is the workmanship of a roof. This part of the inspection helps the homeowner to avoid possible problems such as water leaks due to faulty roof flashing and sealing.

After the Roof Inspection is Completed

Once the roofing inspector has finished his or her work, you’ll received a comprehensive outline that will note the state your roof is in and if any repairs are required. If any repairs are required, it’s important that you schedule them as soon as possible, especially if winter is near. Remember, scheduling repairs with your inspector may result in discounts.

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