Roof Damage Ann Arbor MI

What Should You Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Ann Arbor MI?

It can happen at any time. Even when you think your roof is in great condition a storm can break branches from trees and they can come crashing down into your home’s roof causing all sorts of problems. Even high winds and hail can break asphalt shingles and start a home leaking water inside. When this happens getting the home protected quickly is very important to minimize damage to the inside of the home and to your family as well. There are some things that you can do if you need emergency roof repair in Ann Arbor Michigan which I’ll go over in this article and also give you some tips to help minimize the damage that may occur at your home. 

What Should You Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Ann Arbor MI?

There are lots of reasons why your roof may start leaking. Many times storms are the biggest problem for home owners because they can be destructive. The older your roof is the more likely it will be damaged in a storm and it’s usually at the worst possible time. It’s not always a storm that causes damage however. There can be damaged by wildlife, objects falling on the roof, and more. The faster you can detect the problem and make roof repairs the more likely you’ll have less damage to the inside of your home. I’ll give some tips below that can certainly help when you need emergency roof repair in Ann Arbor Michigan.

What Should You Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Ann Arbor MI?

Are You Safe?

First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure you and your family are safe. Depending on how bad the roof leak is and how much water is entering the home may make any attempt to stop it useless. You’ll need to make sure you keep safe and your family safe before attempting anything to help. Your home can be replaced, but your family can’t.

Take Pictures of the Problem

In order to help with insurance purposes it’s always a good idea to snap some pictures of the problem. You can also take pictures of damages already caused and more. Taking these pictures will usually help when you make a claim on your insurance later. Plus, it will help document the damages done to your home and help you figure out exactly what happened and what you can do to improve it.

Move Items Out of the Room or Area

When the roof has started leaking the best thing to do is first move any items away from the leak. Furniture and electronics can be damaged by the water coming inside and moving them to a dry area of the home will help to prevent damages. If an electronic item has already been saturated with water or damaged by the water take extreme caution as you can be electrocuted if the device still has power attached to it. Trip breakers that control the area where the leak is occurring. This can also prevent damages to the electrical system and help prevent an electrical fire.

Don’t Attempt Roof Repair Yourself

During a storm it’s best to leave any type of roof repair to the experts. Attempting to install a temporary barrier on your home’s roof to block or prevent water from coming inside the home needs to be done only by professionals. Going onto your roof any time is extremely dangerous and can kill you if you fall but doing so during a storm is just a bad idea and should only be done by professionals with the proper safety equipment.

Call a Roofing Contractor that Offers Emergency Roof Services

If you home has suffered from storm damage or other problem on the roof and you need roofing repair services right away be sure to call the experts at A2 Roofing. A2Roofing offer emergency roof repair services in the Ann Arbor Michigan and surrounding areas. They are fully licensed and insured and can install roof barriers to help prevent damages to the interior of your home until a more permanent fix for the roof can be installed. Give them a call today at 734-548-9915 to learn more about their services and procedures for emergency roof repair in Ann Arbor Michigan.