Ann Arbor MI Roof Replacement Costs and Savings

How To Make Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan More Energy Efficient

While many people are taking advantage of the benefits of solar panels on their roofs, that isn’t the only way to make it more energy efficient. In fact, the materials you choose to use on your roof can greatly impact its energy efficiency and make your home more eco-friendly. When you factor in the money saved on monthly bills, it is easy to understand why choosing energy efficient options are becoming more and more popular. If you’re considering a roof replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan be sure to check out some of these tips which can help you save money on future energy bills with increased energy efficiency for your roof.

How To Make Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan More Energy Efficient

When it comes to getting a new roof installed on your Ann Arbor Michigan home there are many options that you can choose from. One of the biggest is the roofing materials that are used on the roof replacement. While it may not seem like roofing material choice has that much of an impact on the overall energy efficiency of the roof, it actually does. Even for what may seem like small factors can greatly impact the energy efficiency of the roof. Consider the color of the roofing materials as one factor. And today, roofing material manufacturers are developing even better products to promote energy efficiency. Here are some more tips to make the most of your new roof installation in Ann Arbor Michigan:

How To Make Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan More Energy Efficient

Why Roofing Materials Matter

It is important to remember that your roof serves a very important role in protecting your home. This means that the materials used on your roof need to first and foremost be durable enough to handle your climate and withstand what mother nature throws at it.

Luckily there are quite a few durable and effective options on the market that are also energy efficient.

For a roof to be considered energy efficient, it needs to reflect at least 20 percent of the sun’s rays. Many roofing materials on the market reflect 20 to 80 percent of the sun’s rays. This is crucial when it comes to your monthly energy bills as it prevents the heat from the rays from absorbing into your home. That means less heat in your home and less need to run fans and air conditioners.

What Roofing Materials Work Best?

There are many options for roofing materials, but experts say that metal and tile roofing offer the most energy efficiency. Metal roofing naturally reflects the suns rays, preventing heat absorption. There is also little maintenance needed and metal has a longer lifespan over other materials like tiles. This means you save money and use less materials in the long run. Of course there are huge disadvantages when using metal roofing which can include dents from falling debris or hail. Plus, most metal roofing creates a lot of noise during rain storms. Another issue with metal roofing is that the price is typically more than comparable asphalt shingles with the same energy efficiency.

Tile roofing is typically made from materials like clay or concrete and do a great job of handling strong weather conditions. Tile does not naturally reflect the sun’s rays, but instead offers a natural ventilation system that creates a thermal barrier in your roof. You can also add coatings to the tile to make it more energy efficient. Tile is designed to last over 50 years and can be made of natural or recycled materials. You can expect to pay much more for this type of roofing however.

Additional Options

If you want to include more energy efficiency into your roof you can also look into additional features. The most common of these is painting a reflective coating onto your roof. This can be a great option for those who can’t afford to recover their roofs at the moment, but want to be more green. This can be done on almost ant type of roof, including shingles, metal and tile. The coating can reflect around 80 percent of the sun’s rays from your home.

You can also look into adding in radiant barriers in your home’s attic. They prevent heat transfer, making it difficult for the heat from outside getting in. Adding in additional insulation can also be a good way to make your roof more efficient and reduce heating and cooling costs.

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