How to Approach a Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan

How to Approach a Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan

Do you know what shape your home’s roof is in? For most home owners the thought of a roofing problem usually doesn’t show up until after there is a problem on the roof. This can lead to damages to the inside of the home and in some cases the roof can be damaged even further. Getting a roof inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan can help prevent a lot of the damages that can occur on your home’s roof. It can also help to identify potential problems on the roof so you can get it repaired before damages can occur to your home which can save money. 

How to Approach a Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan

The general rule-of-thumb is that you should get your roof inspected every three to five years, depending on the roofing material that is installed on your Ann Arbor Michigan home. Routine roof inspections help you maintain the integrity of your roof and determine if any repairs are required. Since a structurally sound roof is key to protecting the interior of your home, you can imagine the potential damage should repairs go unnoticed. Before hiring a roof inspector, you need to know what they assess and how to handle any roof repairs that may be needed. Most roof inspectors double as repairmen, but if they don’t, you’ll need to find a reputable roofing repair company in Ann Arbor Michigan with superior craftsmanship. We provide our recommendation for a great roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan later in this article.

Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Mi

Here are some general guidelines to follow when you have your roof inspected:

What You Should Do:

1. Hire a Professional to Make Repairs

Always hire a licensed contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan when it’s time to make repairs on your roof. Professional contractors carry insurance that will reimburse you if they cause any damage to your home. In addition, if the contractor carries manufacturer certification, the materials used on your roof should be covered under a manufacturer warranty.

2. Make Sure Your Roof Meets Building Codes

Not only should the inspector locate any damage, but they should also make sure your roof adheres to local building codes. Failure to follow codes can lead to a hefty fine, and even worse, potential damage to your home. If you’re thinking of listing your home on the market, you should definitely make sure that building codes are followed to a T.

3. Invest in the Future

It’s not always the best idea to choose the cheapest option when you repair your roof. Picking high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers will increase your roof’s lifespan and pay off more in the long-run.

The Most Common Materials Used for Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan

What You Shouldn’t Do:

1. Try to Fix Your Roof on Your Own

While you might be able to find DIY videos on the internet, it’s never advisable to repair your roof on your own. Roofing requires special training and skill that only professionals have. Homeowners put themselves at risk when they attempt to repair their roofs – falling or damaging the roof more is a big possibility.

2. Ignore Roof Damage

If your roof inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan doesn’t come back clean, you need to make the repairs ASAP. Roof damage such as loose shingles or holes can lead to bigger problems if they aren’t fixed. You put the interior of your home at risk when you leave damaged unfixed. Plus, the longer a roof leaks the more damages it can cause to the home.

3. Use Low-Cost Material

You shouldn’t pick materials solely based on the price but actually look more at the quality of the roofing materials being installed and the warranty that is being offered on that product. While asphalt is the most popular material used, it never hurts to consider alternative materials such as PVC or spray foam. If the roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan asks what material you want to use, make sure to have them explain the pros of cons of each one before deciding.

Any veteran homeowner will tell you that the secret to maintaining your roof is to schedule routine inspections. Don’t go into an inspection with a blindfold on. With a little preparation, you’ll know exactly what to ask and how to handle repairs. Call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor at 734-619-1271 for a professional roof inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan that’s trusted by hundreds of homeowners.