How Often You Need to Have Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Roofs are made to last between 20 and 30 years before needing replacement. The best way to keep your roof healthy and lasting the entire 30 years is to keep up regular roof maintenance as well as getting a regular roof inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan. But you obviously cannot spend every day up on your roof. To make sure you are giving your roof enough attention, but also not overdoing it, you need to know just how often you need to have a roof inspection and maintenance done.

How Often You Need to Have Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Most of the time the roof on your home is simply something that is in the background and doesn’t need to be even thought about. Day after day the roof protects your home from the weather and other elements and many times it does this without fail for many years. There are sometimes things that happen however that should make you consider the roof on your home and whether it is performing as it should. These events such as a severe storm or high winds can have a devastating effect on the roof and if you’re not taking a look at your roof afterwards you may end up with a leaking roof.

How Often You Need to Have Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Most times a roof leak develops because the roof has failed in some way. This failure may be immediate such as a tree branch falling on the roof and causing damage in which a roof leak will develop right away. For most roof leaks however the timeline is much different. The roof will start to fail long before it starts to leak. This can give you ample time to get it repaired before any damage is caused in the home. The best way to determine if there is a problem on your roof is by getting a roof inspection done.

On average, you should have a professional roofing inspection done on your roof and attic at least every three years. Ideally this should be done before the harsher seasons like winter start to make sure your roof is ready for the onslaught of the elements. But when it comes to doing your own inspections and maintenance, other factors come into play.

Age of Your Roof

Your roof gets more vulnerable as time goes on, making it important to take more care of an older roof. Once your roof hits the 20- year mark, you should do a yearly inspection and make sure you perform maintenance often. This includes trimming trees whenever they encroach on your roof, removing debris like snow and leaves, and treating algae or moss as soon as it spotted.

Your Climate

If you live in a very dry climate, you aren’t as susceptible to moisture damage as those in other areas. Humid and rainy climates require more inspections for covering damage and leaks. Once a leak has formed, it will quickly get worse, especially in a particularly moist climate. It is also worth investing in flashing, high quality gutters, fascia board, and vapor barriers to help keep moisture out. It is also important to note that a dry climate is not free of any problems. Very hot areas can damage roof coverings more quickly due to the blistering heat and UV ray exposure.

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Roof Size

Larger roofs are more difficult to inspect, but need to have an eye kept on them more than smaller roofs. This is because larger roofs are more prone to sagging, making it important to not only watch out for damage on the exterior of your roof, but also the structural beams inside.

Roof Slope

Roofs with higher slopes allow moisture and debris to fall off more easily. This will help prevent anything from getting stuck and working its way into your home. But shallower slopes, or flat roofs do not have the ability to aid in moisture and debris traveling off it. This means they will need more regular maintenance to prevent anything from sitting on your roof and causing damage like leaks or sagging. This is especially important if you use your flat roof as a place to hang out or walk on.

Attic Use

If you use your attic as anything other than an access point to your roof, you should take more care to protect it. Whether you use your attic to store valuables, as a bedroom, or as a game room, any damage to your roof can damage everything inside.

In any case you’ll want to hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof. It is dangerous and not advised that you go onto the roof of your home and a professional roofer will be able to also repair any damages. Be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at (734) 619-1271 to schedule a roof inspection for your home in Ann Arbor Michigan.