How Do You Know if you Have a Leaking Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

How Do You Know if you Have a Leaking Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

A leaking roof can lead to all sorts of damages inside your home. From the minor problems such as stained walls or ceilings to a much larger problem including mold growth in the home and in some cases, structural damage to the home. Getting a roof leak repaired quickly can help to prevent much of this damage but sometimes the roof leak isn’t noticeable and can go on for some time. This is very problematic because you may not even realize your home is being damaged. A roof leak doesn’t always appear as a stain on the ceiling or a puddle of water in the middle of your floor, but can sometimes hide and be difficult to detect. Here are some signs you may have a roof leak and need roof repair in Ann Arbor Michigan.

How Do You Know if you Have a Leaking Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

A roof leak occurs because something in your roofing system is not performing as it should. While many think that if they have a roof leak the roofing shingles have failed it may not always be the case. There are many components on your roof that can fail and cause a roof leak. From skylights to plumbing vent pipes, there are many ways your roof can leak and it’s not always because of the shingles. Not to say that the shingles can’t be the problem, but when it is the shingles it’s usually because of an impact or severe storm that has damaged the roof. A roof inspection on your home can determine just what damages are on the roof and how it should be repaired. In any case, figuring out you have a roof leak is important. With that being said, here are some of the signs you should look for:

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Water Stains on Walls and Ceilings

The biggest clue to determine you have a roof leak is by looking at your walls and ceilings. When water comes in contact with the drywall it stains the drywall giving it a brownish tint. The drywall itself may also feel moist to the touch. Chances are you have a roof leak that is wetting the drywall from behind the wall or in the attic space. Over time the drywall will likely collapse under the weight of itself if it becomes saturated with water.

If you notice these spots on your ceiling be sure to go into the attic and look in the area where the stains were at. You may see that the attic insulation is saturated with water as well which is a sign of a roof leak in your home. A small roof leak can sometimes only saturate the insulation in the attic and not stain the ceiling. This can cut down on the energy efficiency of your home and it can also promote mold growth in the attic.

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Missing Shingles from the Roof

During severe storms when winds are high the shingles on your roof can be affected. Actually they can be broken away from the roof which exposes the underlayment of the roof. While this may not cause a roof leak initially it likely will develop into a roof leak over time. It can also affect the roof decking on your home which would likely need to be replaced if the roof leak isn’t dealt with quickly.

Gutters that Have Granules

While having a lot of granules from the roofing shingles in your gutters may not sound like a problem, it is certainly a precursor to one. Loss of granules from the shingles weaken the shingles so they will be more easily damaged if there is a storm or high winds. This is usually a sign that you need a complete roof replacement on your home.

Get a Roof Inspection on the Home’s Roof

In order to fully assess the damage or even determine the extent of the damage on your roof it’s always best to get a full roof inspection done by a qualified roofing contractor. This can help determine just what went wrong and what steps you need to take to make sure the roof doesn’t leak anymore. Call the roofing professionals at Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at (734) 619-1271 for a roof inspection on your Ann Arbor Michigan home.