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How Do You Know If A Roofing Company in Ann Arbor Michigan Is Worth Your Trust

If you are a homeowner you know how important it is to find someone to take on a problem when things go wrong. Whether it is a small roof repair or a large and costly full roof replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan, you are having to put you trust in a stranger to do a good job and charge you a fair price. It goes beyond whether a person or company is good at their job, but makes you feel safe in their work and comfortable in paying them to fix your problem. There are some things that you should certainly look for when hiring a roofer to work on your home’s roof which we’ll go over here.

How Do You Know If A Roofing Company in Ann Arbor Michigan Is Worth Your Trust

When it comes to roof work, for so many homeowners they will never see firsthand what the problem is because they don’t climb on their roof. This means you are having to put even more trust in a contractor that they both know what they are doing and will be honest with you about what you need done without exaggerating or bluffing. Some roofing contractors will take pictures of the problem and show you exactly what is wrong which can help ease your mind a little when getting a roof repair. It’s important to note that you should not go on the roof as it can be dangerous. If you need more details about the roof state use a drone or ask the roofing company to take images of the damaged area for more information.

How Do You Know If A Roofing Company in Ann Arbor Michigan Is Worth Your Trust


If you are looking to find someone you can trust to work on your roof it is important to take some things into consideration.

Their Location And Reviews

Reviews are crucial in finding the right roofing company in Ann Arbor Michigan for the job but it is important to go beyond that. You should start by asking around to friends and family to see if they have hired anyone for work on their roof. This allows you to not only see that they did the work, but ask questions about the overall experience and any trouble they had.

After you have received recommendations it is then time to compare that with online reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau. You should also consider the location of the roofer. If you live in the same area it makes it much easier for both parties to meet and discuss work. It also makes them more reliable in emergencies because they won’t have a long way to travel.

How Detailed Their Estimate Is

You don’t want to worry about any surprises or guesswork when dealing with your home. This is why it is important to have everything laid out in writing. When you are in the discussion with the roof contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan they will need to submit an estimate or quote before any contract is signed or work is started. The more detailed a contractor makes their estimate the less you will be surprised by.

How Willing Are They To Discuss Options

A trustworthy roofing contractor in Ann Arbor MI will never try to force you into extra work or pressure you to accept a deal you don’t feel comfortable with. You should feel comfortable having a discussion with the contractor and ask about all your options. If you don’t feel like you are able to negotiate or have a hard time getting ahold of the contractor it is not going to be a good match.

Their Guarantees

Everything should be put in writing! From a complete list of materials to a timeline and a breakdown of the work, you should both have a copy of everything put on paper. You should both also have a signed copy to make sure everything is legally binding. The contractor should include in this contract a guarantee that everything will be done in accordance with what is on the paper and if it isn’t you get your money back. It should also include a breakdown of the payments so you aren’t paying everything upfront and it is very clear how much money is due and when.

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