Critical Signs You Need to Have Your Roof Replaced in Ann Arbor Michigan

Your roof protects your home from all sorts of weather events and problems. Many times however the roof will start to show problems that a home owner needs to be aware of. Allowing a roofing problem to continue can lead to all sorts of damage to the interior of a home. It’s best to occasionally take a look at your home’s roof to determine if you need a new roof or not. I’ve included some critical signs in this article that can help you determine if your roof is failing or will fail soon. Don’t miss these signs for you to have your roof replaced in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

Critical Signs You Need to Have Your Roof Replaced in Ann Arbor Michigan

Many times when a roof starts to fail it’s usually at the most inopportune time. A leak develops and starts to damage all sorts of areas on the inside of the home. Being able to spot potential problems on your roof can save you lots of money on repair costs. And sometimes being able to spot a troubled roof and have roof repairs done can actually save your roof. Sometimes a simple roof repair is all that is needed to get a roof back in good working order fast. In either case, here are some critical things you should look for on your home to determine if your roof will need to be replaced soon.

Critical Signs You Need to Have Your Roof Replaced in Ann Arbor Michigan

Dark Stains On Your Roofing Surface

Sometimes during warmer weather there can be algae or fungi growth on the roofing surface. When this happens you’ll see large areas where it appears to be spreading. Over the winter this may look as if it goes away but damages to the underlying roofing may already be done. If you see any discolored spots on your home’s roof or moss or other vegetation growing you may have a problem.

Older Shingles That Are Starting To Deteriorate

As the shingles on your roof starts to age to start to lose adhesion to the shingles below them. There is a strip of sealant on the shingles which seals them to the shingle below. As the shingles get older they start to deteriorate and this seal starts to break down. Look for areas where shingles are sticking up and not laying flat on the roof.

Damaged or Curled Shingles on Your Roof

Most asphalt shingle products will last from 20 to 25 years depending on the environment where they are. Many factors will play a part in just how long these shingles will last but once they do start to break down and deteriorate there are usually some tell tale signs. The first sign is that the shingles will not seal properly to the shingles below them. As the shingles lose this adhesion it allows wind to get under the shingle and make it flap in the wind basically. Many times this will cause breaks and cracks in the shingles. These broken shingles and cracks will eventually lead to a roof leak. And as the shingles gets older this will become more and more of a problem. Make sure you look over your home’s roof for broken shingles. You will be able to see them from the ground and you should only allow a licensed roofing professional to go onto your home’s roof.

Areas Inside the Home With Water Damage

When water enters the home it will usually start to cause damages. As water makes its way to drywall on the ceilings and walls it will cause damage. Initially this will appear as a brownish stain on the ceilings and walls and will be moist to the touch. Allowing the roof leak to continue will eventually cause the ceilings to collapse and may cause other problems as well. If you notice any stains such as this on your ceilings or walls make sure you get a roof inspection on your home’s roof.

Get a Free Estimate in Ann Arbor Michigan on Your New Roof

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