Common Issues That Will Require A Professional Roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan

Common Issues That Will Require A Professional Roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan

We all know DIY roofing is the first thing that pops into most homeowners when a problem occurs with their homes roof, however some repairs absolutely require a professional roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan to ensure the job is done correctly. This will also ensure the safety of you and your home, so hiring a professional to do jobs that require them can help prevent a lot of worsening things in the future.

Common Issues That Will Require A Professional Roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan

Professional roofing companies specialize in roofing and ensure quality work so that the roof of your home is in tip top shape for years to come. If repairs or replacements are done improperly by you or a bad quality roofer, then this could cause a lot of risks to not only your home, but also to you and your family. Having your roof repaired improperly can also make things worse, such as further damage or reoccurring damages to your homes roof, so only hiring a quality professional roofer will prevent future damages that may occur with a bad repair job. We will cover a list of some common issues that will require a professional roofer.

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  • Shingles That Are Damaged/Missing

Shingles are the layer of asphalt that protects your roof from water seeping on it, shingles will act kind of like a gutter in a way, redirecting the water away from your roof. Underneath your shingles lies the membrane, which is a water resistant barrier that adds an extra layer of protection from water seeping into the roof of your home. If you notice any damaged or missing shingles, this poses a risk to your homes roof. It could suffer a roof leak or allow water to seep in and start rotting away the wood structure of your roof. If you notice any missing or broken shingles on your homes roof, then you should consult with a professional roofing company to come out and have it repaired before it starts worsening.

  • Gutters That Become Clogged

Clogged gutters can certainly do it’s own damage to the roof of your home, keeping up with regular inspections and maintenance for your gutter is crucial as water can be a huge threat to your roof. If you find your gutters becoming clogged up, this could be due to neglection of cleaning your gutters of debris and other objects that can get backed up in it. Water can build up a pool of water on the soffit of your homes roof, allowing water to seep into the exterior of your home and underneath your shingles, potentially causing moss and mildew to begin growing and possibly eating away at your homes structure.

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  • Leaks From Your Roof

Roof leaks can be the most common sign that your homes roof needs maintenance quickly, roof leaks can get out of control if they’re left unattended and cause major problems down the road. Missing or broken shingles is typically the most common reason for roof leaks, but there’s a lot of reasons why your roof could be leaking, regular inspections will help find roofing leaks before they begin to worsen. If you notice your roof is leaking, it’s advised to not neglect it to preserve your safety and your homes safety, calling a professional roofing company to come fix it is your best bet.

  • Flashing Sealant Failing

Flashings are pieces of metal sheets that are connected to your roof around various components that reside on the roof of your home, these are typically around skylights, chimneys, and pipe drains. They serve the purpose of not allowing water to seep into the cracks of these objects. However, over time the sealant used around your roofs flashings can become old and start to crack, leading them needing to be resealed to prevent any type of roof leaks.

Problems with your homes roof can certainly be daunting to any homeowner, however trying to DIY can lead to major issues and some repairs should certainly be left to a professional roofing expert, this will ensure the job is done properly and not cause you further issues due to inexperienced roofing. This can cause harm to not only your home, but also to you and your family since your roof protects your entire home. Be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at (734) 619-1271 for a free estimate on roof repairs or replacement for your home.