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5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

Getting a new roof installed on your home is a major home improvement project. Making sure the roof is done correctly and you choose the right materials could mean the difference in spending more money in just a few years to replace the roof again or not having to worry about the roof on your home for decades. There are some things you’ll need to consider when you get a roof replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan which we’ll cover in this post. Don’t agree to get a new roof installed on your home without understanding these 5 points.

5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are many different components that are considered when you get a new roof installed and the price that goes with it. For smaller homes with only one ridge line on the home will be less than a home with the same square footage that has many ridges and valleys on the roof. Most roofing quotes are given in ‘squares’. When a roofing contractor refers to a square of roofing it usually means 100 square feet of roofing surface. Keep in mind this is not the footprint of your home but the surface of your roof. Higher pitched roofing will have more surface area when compared to the footprint of the home. Some of the items below will mention a ‘square’ so understanding it is crucial to making a good choice for your roofing.

Roofing Material Choice

There are many different roofing material choices on the market today. Even though the most popular roofing materials used today is dimensional shingles made from asphalt it’s certainly not the only choice. Many roofing materials come out frequently so be sure to talk with your roofing contractor about a good fit for your home. You can also ask about quotes for each different type of roofing material for your home.

5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

Energy Efficient Upgrades

As I mentioned above, there are new roofing materials that come out frequently. Many of these newer roofing materials have better energy efficient properties than their traditional counterparts. Even asphalt shingles which have been around for many decades have upgraded options now available which are more energy efficient. Using these energy efficient options may cost more initially but will pay off later as lower energy bills for your home. Make sure you ask about any energy efficient options that are available for your roof replacement project.

To Cover or Remove the Old Roof

If your home currently has shingle roofing there are options that can save money on the roof replacement. The two methods for installing new roofing shingles is to remove the old roofing shingles and placing a new layer of roofing shingles down. Or, simply getting the new layer of roofing shingles placed over the old roof. This can reduce the cost of the new roof installation by thousands of dollars sometimes and can leave you with a new roof that protects your home. There are pros and cons for this method of roofing and only a maximum of two layers of roofing may be placed on a home but it may be something you are interested in.

When Should the Roof Be Replaced?

There are key seasons when the roof on your home will need to be replaced. While in an emergency situation a new roof may be installed during colder weather it’s always best to have the roof installation during the warmer months. Typically when the temperature is above 40 degrees.

What Type of Warranty is Included

With so many roofing materials that are available today it may be difficult to make a decision. However, one key point you’ll want to consider is the warranty of the roofing materials that will be installed. Make sure the warranty on your roof is noted in the roof contract as well. This will help to protect you later in case there is a problem with your roof. Typical warranties for roofing materials can be 15 to over 40 years which could mean many decade before you need to worry about your roof again.

Get an Estimate on a New Roof Installation

If you are considering a new roof on your home be sure to talk with a qualified roofing contractor and get an estimate on a new roof installation in Ann Arbor Michigan. Call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today to get a free quote at 734-619-1271